Jun 28, 2005

"Conservatives caught in contradiction" [LINK]

A letter to the Boston Globe:

AS ADVOCATES of free trade, conservatives are more than happy to displace the little guy from his job for the greater public good, but when it comes to displacing that same guy from his home on similar public benefit grounds, they contradict themselves.

Jeff Jacoby embodies this contradiction In ''Fleeing free trade" (op ed, Jan. 9, 2004), he criticized Democrats for backing away from free trade and its public benefits, yet in his column ''Eminent injustice in New London" (June 26), he expresses outrage about the recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain that will force a group of New London residents to give up their homes to make way for waterfront development.

On the one hand, Jacoby supports economic policies that displace thousands of people from their jobs (and, in many cases, from their homes), yet he finds another economic policy that will displace seven property owners from their homes to be ''execrable." Mike Cristofaro, the homeowner portrayed in Jacoby's column, should understand that, if his job had been at stake as a consequence of free trade, Jacoby would have had no sympathy at all....

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