Jun 24, 2005

Diversity in Variety [LINK]

A letter by Mark Taylor to Variety:

While I respect all of the men and women on your recent panel on gay issues, I am underwhelmed by the lack of diversity they represent — racial diversity. Being openly gay and lesbian in this industry is not the sole provenance of white men and women. In the face of such a divisive political climate it is incredibly important to bring as many representatives of gay and lesbian experience to the table.

Sexuality and the influence it has on perspective is as diverse as the population, gay and straight. To make little or no attempt to include Asian, black and Latino perspectives is, at best, as offensive and short-sighted as the mainstream media excluding fully realized gay characters from its programming.

At worst, it speaks to a complete disregard for anything that Asian, black and Latino members of the population have to offer.

I hope you will be more considerate in any future gay and lesbian reporting.

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