Jun 27, 2005

"I feel that you are stupid" [LINK]

Lauren Collins in a "Talk of the Town" item for The New Yorker, concerning the "Don’t Laugh at Me" (DLAM) program championed by folk singer Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame) as a means to decrease school bullying and ridicule:

Next up was “The Big Betrayal Conflict Script,” a skit about two friends, Terry and Sasha, who get into a fight at a basketball game. The exercise emphasized using “I messages,” as opposed to those that begin with “you” and, therefore, can put their targets on the defensive. (DLAM also recommends having students simulate the sound of a rainstorm and discuss a story called “The Maligned Wolf.”)

“Just make sure they’re sticking to the formula,” Hurdle-Price advised. “I often get students who say, ‘I feel that you are stupid.’”

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