Jun 19, 2005

LetMeSpellItOutForYou [LINK]

LetMeSpellItOutForYou continues roughly where The Flummery Digest left off. I edited the Digest from 1992 to 2003, (long before the advent of what we now call "blogs" and a bit before the web) to counter increasingly berserk strains of the left/liberalism I grew up consuming. I ceased publication mostly out of boredom. While I was always impressed by the chaotic variety of enthusiasms on display in contemporary leftism, by 2003 it had narrowed to the shrillest, most unreasoning opposition to President Bush, which I found depressingly repetitive. I expect LetMeSpellItOutForYou will retain the Digest's terse format where practical, but in an effort to be more "blog"-like will also feature items with a more relaxed tone, while concentrating on the same set of concerns.

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