Jun 24, 2005

Lightbulb-Changing Feminists [LINK]

From an article by Ayelet Waldman in Salon. Ms. Waldman wonders whether she's a sufficiently committed feminist if she expects men to be more handy around the house. Note the first paragraph, in which one unfortunate man (R.I.P.) is summarily objectified:

My husband's cousin Matthew died two years ago. He was commuting to work on his bicycle when he was hit by a car speeding through a turn. A few weeks ago his wife Stacia told me that one of the many things she missed about him was having a man in the house to fix a dripping faucet, put together an Ikea cabinet, change the batteries in the smoke detector. Matthew was killed the day before trash pickup, and that night the cans did not go out. The next week, as Stacia hauled out the heavy bins brimming with the detritus of a week's shiva — paper plates, plastic cups, uncountable wads of damp tissue — she realized that she was alone.
How stupid can this woman be, to not be able to assemble an Ikea cabinet? The instructions are heavily pictoral and typically do not rely on written language.

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