Jun 24, 2005

"Not to desecrate but to expand" [LINK]

A letter from John Fleck to the Los Angeles Times:

Christopher Cole misses the mark in his article, "Religion and Art in the Toilet" (Opinion, June 19) by not discussing context and artistic intent in his attempt to expose left-wing hypocrisy toward art funding and military torture. I'm the performance artist whose piece, "Blessed Are All the Little Fishes," he cites as having "an 'altar' toilet with a picture of Jesus on its lid."

This is where Cole (and the pundits who denounced my work) took a moment out of context and twisted my "artistic intent," which was not to desecrate but to expand our views of how religion and personal experience coexist on a cultural and existential tangent. Whereas I doubt the U.S. soldiers allegedly splashing the Koran with urine at Guantanamo Bay did so with any artistic intent, and unlike a theater, the prisoners, forcibly and possibly illegally detained, had no choice in staying or leaving.

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