Jun 20, 2005

"Our culture's fetish with thinness" [LINK]

From a "Talk of the Town" item by Rebecca Mead in The New Yorker. This concerns Leonard Nimoy, who after a long, successful, and pointy-eared acting career now likes to photograph fat women:

The photographs are intended to be a commentary upon the wider culture’s fetish with thinness, Nimoy explained; he had a sister-in-law who was obese and died young.
Just how does his sister-in-law's death relate to our culture's "fetish with thinness"? Did she somehow die in some medically misguided effort to lose weight? Seems like a "fetish with thinness" may well have saved her life.

On the other hand, here's his negative assessment of the TV show Fat Actress, which stars Kirstie Alley, his former co-star in the first Star Trek movie. You don't have to see this show to be repelled by the very idea of it. Says Nimoy:

She trumpets the fact that she is a fat actress and shows herself very glamorously posed and so on; but then the first thing you see is her crying and wailing and pounding on the floor and swearing, while guzzling food and talking about losing weight. The message that she is sending is, on the on hand, I am fat and it’s O.K., and, on the other hand, it is just terrible. The taste is awful, awful, awful; and so is the level of humor, if you can call it that.

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