Jun 22, 2005

Thinking Through All The Angles [LINK]

Clearly, this Globe correspondent has done so:

We are asked by the administration to believe that this was a simple accident. According to the Pentagon, one of the guards stepped away from his post at Guantanamo, went outside, and urinated near an air vent. We are told that the wind blew his urine through the vent and onto the holy book. Is this really the manner in which our troops are supposed to relieve themselves? Are the facilities at Gitmo so lacking that they have no ready access to a men's room?

Don't air vents tend to have duct works with curves, elbows, filters, reinforcements, etc. to keep prisoners from using them as a potential means of escape? If they do, just what gale force wind would be required to propel the guard's urine through, around, and over such obstacles? And if there was a gale force wind, why would a guard go outside in such weather to urinate?

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