Jun 20, 2005

"We must wake up and do something about this." [LINK]

From a letter to the Boston Globe, remarkable for its extremely simple sentence structure — admittedly a lot like a George Bush speech:

In Boston we are all busy people. We may forget that there is a world outside. Many people don't realize that we are in great danger. The way we live must change. We're polluting at an unprecedented rate. The Earth's equilibrium has been completely thrown off course because we are living in a completely unsustainable fashion.
...and so on, with little cohering point. To be fair, English may well not be the first language for the author, the improbably named Brett Nagafuchi. Still, after the first five bricks to the head, doesn't that last compound sentence seem comparatively refreshing? We know the Globe's editors are obliged to offer a fair representation of the views they receive in their mailbox every day, but are they also obliged to present all writing styles?

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