Jun 19, 2005

Who says leftists have no sense of humor? [LINK]

In an interview with the Boston Globe, here's how Victor Navasky, editor of The Nation, responds to a question about its current circulation:

Our joke for years has been if it's bad for the country it's good for The Nation, and when people ask how we're doing now I say better than ever, because the country is in a lot of trouble. Since the start of Bush's presidency we've almost doubled our circulation.
He can even bring down the house at the Harvard Business School, where he took some classes some years ago to help him run the magazine:
It was an educational experience for me but not a formative one. I learned the way smart businesspeople think and hope that I raised a lot of questions about the assumptions on which the case study method proceeded. The first day in class the professor listed the pros and cons of a particular business on the blackboard. Under cons he wrote ''Union." And I said, ''Just a minute, there is a literature that says unions increase productivity." I got a lot of derisive laughter.

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