Jul 7, 2005

"Instead of scolding the citizens"... [LINK]

A letter to the Boston Globe:

JIM COLMAN of the state Department of Environmental Protection was quoted as saying, ''If more people recycled, reduced, and reused, clearly there would be less need for landfills (''Trash goal might be tossed aside," City & Region, July 5).

Instead of scolding the citizens (some of whom are doing their best), Colman might consider introducing legislation that would force a reduction in the amount of packaging big corporations and retailers foist on unwilling customers.

Ireland recently passed a law whereby stores have to charge 5 cents for every plastic bag they hand to a customer.

The reason people are throwing away more trash is that there is more trash. The trash stream must be attacked where it starts — with big corporations and retailers and their wasteful, expensive, pointless packaging practices. And while Colman is at it, he can do something about all that junk mail and catalogs we didn't ask for.

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