Jul 13, 2005

Prisoners Banned from Smoking [LINK]

The state of California adopted yet another smoking ban, this time among prison inmates, who are no doubt expected to abide by the law.

(via Reason Hit & Run)


Lone Ranger said...

If there's one thing this country needs, it's healthier criminals. You can't have a rapist wheezing as he tip toes across a bedroom. You can't have a mugger out of breath as he's being chased by cops. It's only right that they live as long as possible to make a life sentence really mean something. Next, make them vegetarians.

LetMeSpellItOutForYou said...

I recall a while back there was a complaint that some composite tofu-like substance routinely served to prison inmates represented a human rights violation. I think guards might have been substituting extra portions as a punitive measure.

Tam_Gu_Ja said...

Huh. I know of one sexual predator who died in prison of lung cancer. The way I see it, we should allow them as many cigarrettes as they like. Just deny them health care. No, wait, that is too strong. Limit the helath care to nonviolent criminals. Violent criminals don't need it. Nor do they need internet, which is unfortunately available in most prisons in my state.