Jul 11, 2005

"Repulsive and speciesist" [LINK]

Another letter to the Globe. Note that the Endangered Species Act does not apply to the Congo:

Of course we need the Endangered Species Act. How could anyone think otherwise? The Republican administration's attempts to water down the act are repulsive and speciesist. The Endangered Species Act is an important human-to-Earth gesture, and it must stay strong and give other species their due, i.e., a decent chance at coexistence on Earth.

But our track record in helping other living things is not pretty. Daily, we mindlessly take over the habitats of living things without a second glance or thought. And, then again, we displace other species to mine minerals like Coltan for cellphones and other unnecessary technical toys. This mining alone brought the Grauer's Gorilla in the Congo down from 8,000 to 1,000. Someone said to me, ''But, we have dominion over the animals." We do, and look where it's gotten them: on the endangered species list.

Ah, yes, we are insatiable, greedy, compassionless critters, canvassing the planet with power-fisted man-to-man war and violence with enough of a hint of fear and terror to keep us in line so the capitalists can collect contaminated cash. Our egos spew industrial waste, manmade poisons and an ugly anthropocentric attitude.

In today's technology-driven society, nothing is fast enough, big enough or expensive enough. Who do you think is going to be the last entry on that manmade endangered species list?

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