Jul 11, 2005

"So what happened in London?" [LINK]

While this weblog's purpose is to document exquisite examples of intellectual error emanating from the contemporary left, casual readers may conclude it merely reprints every letter to the Boston Globe, the most pronounced artifact of such reasoning in my daily routine:

George Bush and Tony Blair are both fighting the war on terror abroad so we don't have to fight it at home, right? Isn't that their mantra, repeated over and over again?

So what happened in London? Why have extremists launched their attacks on London and Madrid, both originally partners in our Iraqi debacle? Is not this further proof that we may not be fighting the right war?

No, we're just warming up. Presidential adviser Karl Rove was recently criticized for characterizing reasoning such as the following as a liberal trait:
The London bombing is a terrible tragedy. Too frequently the innocent suffer. There are, however, questions that must be asked.

Are the 8,000 British troops in Iraq the cause of the bombing? Did Tony Blair's support of Bush's illegal war play a role? What is the role that religion plays on both sides of this conflict? I believe that religion practiced within a larger sense of humility about the human condition may be helpful to those who need it. But practiced under the guise of hubris and arrogance, it leads to the calamities we experience too often today.

The London episode is horrible but, in my view, finds its roots in a disastrous view of life on this planet. Winona LaDuke gave a talk in Concord on July 7, and described the Native American view of life as cyclical, meaning that all actions today are taken with a view toward the future. She says the Western way is linear. Run out of resources and conquer other lands to find new resources. Don't worry about tomorrow. Oil, thy name is holy!

Western karma is not in good shape these days. We should remember the play, "Inherit the Wind" and the source for the title. "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind" comes from Proverbs (11:29). We have troubles in our own house with political and economic hegemony around the world. We rape the land and disrespect the human condition at home and abroad. And now we reap the results.

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