Jul 5, 2005

"Unconcerned with the cost of the Iraq war" [LINK]

A letter to the Boston Globe:

It is paradoxical that Americans seem unconcerned with the cost of the Iraq war and occupation, with daily reports of lives lost, dollars spent, and loss of national respect. There have been few demonstrations to end our involvement in the war, and few demands that the Bush administration change its policy or even state it clearly.

The paradox persists because the administration does not demand any sacrifice, and Americans choose to go along with it. For example, there has been no appeal to cut gasoline consumption. There has been no request for new taxes to support the war. The administration has actually cut taxes and created a huge deficit. There is no plan to deviate from an all-volunteer military. There will be no draft, according to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

It is to the administration's advantage that we not sacrifice, and it is in our own self-interest not to sacrifice. Along with sacrifice will come demands that the administration justify its handling of the war.

This moral shortcoming, the failure to experience meaningfully the effects of a war we are waging, prolongs the war, increases the number of dead and wounded, increases the deficit, and exacerbates our loss of respect among the family of nations.

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