Oct 18, 2005

Moron Bush, Meaning More on Bush [LINK]

I received a response in the Globe:

Michael Sierra (letter, Oct. 13) is correct to point out that Al Gore and John Kerry, along with President Bush, were postgraduate underachievers. Three questions that may be more germane:

Which of these three would be least likely to be asked to teach at the postgraduate level today?

Which of these three has entered one business venture after another, seen them fold, and walked away with millions?

If asked on a written military questionnaire whether they were willing to see action on the front lines of Vietnam, which of these three would be most likely to answer ''no"? (Hint: One of them did.)

Here's my response:
Dear Mr. Scoble,

I hope you don't mind my responding directly, but I found your response to my recent letter to the Globe less that adequate. While seeming to concede my point, you ask who among the various candidates would be more likely to teach postgraduate courses. I hope you don't think the likelihood a failed candidate would score an academic position is related in any serious way to his intelligence? Let me be flip and suggest that if you're smart enough to have figured out how to walk away from even failed ventures with millions, you're more likely to choose a career in business.

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