Nov 7, 2005

"Trying to sell junk that nobody needs" [LINK]

Another of my responses to a letter in the Globe:

Tom Bishop says that business leaders who complain of the high taxes and insurance costs the latest healthcare proposal might bring about are misguided, and that the real problem of struggling businesses is one of "revenue," meaning not enough paying customers. He further suggests that business owners are solely responsible for their success, and failure to adapt to changes in the business climate means they're probably "trying to sell junk that nobody needs."

But why should doing business be made harder than it already is? By Mr. Bishop's logic, we should put the squeeze on businesses as much as possible, since those that survive would be sure to produce only the most useful goods. No, higher taxes don't come at the cost of "junk that nobody needs," but of goods and services that potential customers can either no longer afford or that they can buy for less elsewhere. Mr. Bishop's insistence that business leaders are the only ones responsible for their success is simply another way of saying that lawmakers bear no responsibility for the results of their policies.

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