Apr 5, 2006

War's harsh "reality" [LINK]

Forgot this one from yesterday:

Defending the press against charges of biased coverage in Iraq, Dave Greten says its role is to present "uncomfortable reality" rather than document mundane progress such as school openings. But as it turns out, the story he uses as an example of good coverage -- that of the 30 Iraqis found beheaded outside Baghdad -- did not occur. Somehow this unsubstantiated report made it into a New York Times headline last week.
Here's the NYT's original report, and here's the UPI follow-up.

Burglery ~= Speeding [LINK]

Under new guidelines adopted by the British Home Office, police are advised that they can release burglars with a warning.

Apr 4, 2006

No Motley Crew [LINK]

This is one word I will not yield:

Lisa Piel points out that the "diverse" musical group profiled in an article consists of "affluent, homogeneous white girls." To be truly diverse, she says it would have to include "a mixture of race and ethnicity," plus "socio-educational circumstances."

Please, can we stop playing this game? The D-word clearly referred to the personalities the young girls projected on stage, not their racial or economic backgrounds. It's perfectly okay for people with similar backgrounds to have "diverse" personalities. Still, I'd appreciate it if the more hypersensitive among us would tone it down a bit.