May 22, 2006

A New Minimum Driving Age? [LINK]

This is a letter in regards to a Massachusetts state proposal to raise the minimum driving age from 16 to 17, the highest in the nation:

Walking to my car after work, I crossed a two-lane street in Cambridge, waiting at a crosswalk until a driver in the lane closest to me finally decided to yield. Still, I hesitated to cross because another car was barreling down the other lane at full speed, in the blind spot of the first. His kind act apparently having been spurned, the driver of the first car yelled at me.

As part of my drive home, I saw a car in front of me fail to pull over and stop to let an emergency vehicle pass. Moments later when I signaled and pulled back into traffic, the driver behind me was already trying to pass. Another driver attempted to outflank me on my right side in a rotary. Another sped up and cut off a driver in front of me from a right-turn-only lane just to get a half dozen car lengths ahead, but at least he was signaling to make a right turn. Finally, a driver who tailgated me throughout a curvy two-lane road leaned on his horn when I failed to enter an intersection on a yellow light that I couldn't even cross for all the traffic.

Considering the latest legislative initiative, I wonder if we can somehow find out the age of the oldest driver I encountered tonight, add one to that number, and make that the new minimum driving age.

UPDATE: They waited a day before printing it. Note that they edited it down a bit, removing a couple of details. I was outflanked in the rotary on my right side, a particularly dangerous move. The guy who sped up and cut off the guy in front of me did so from a turn-only lane. And they removed my sarcastic comment about the fact that he was signaling a right turn, which clearly was a feint. Otherwise, point made.

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