Jun 23, 2006

To "eavesdrop" [LINK]

Listen to this NPR report on AT&T's new privacy policy and tell me the NSA program they're describing engages in "eavesdropping," as the word is carelessly used twice:

...recent events like revelations of eavesdropping without a warrant by the National Security Agency. AT&T faces multiple lawsuits for allegedly helping the government to peruse phone and internet traffic by millions of Americans.
This is a non sequitur. To "eavesdrop," you have to actually listen to a conversation, not consult a record that a conversation took place. That word, along with the word "wiretapping" that was also referenced obliquely in the story, has a very specific meaning that does not match the information the story provides, and on which the legality of the NSA program described hinges.

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