Jul 27, 2006

The fallacy of Mideast proportionality [LINK]

A target-rich environment this morning:

I agree with Jeffrey Sternklar that the notion Israel must be "proportionate" in its response to external aggression is foolish, but I think the premise that Israel's response has been so grossly disproportionate is also misguided. After two weeks of enduring retaliatory military action, Hezbollah is still firing rockets at Israel, and today's headline declares that "Israeli troops battle an unbending foe."

On a related note, A "Casualty Quiz" cartoon by Dan Wasserman from the day before asks us, rhetorically, whether from the rubble of a battlefield we can tell the difference between the terrorists and the civilians. Given the fact that Hezbollah members do not wear uniforms and deliberately place their military installations in neighborhoods of noncombatants, I find that a compelling question indeed, though perhaps not for the reason the cartoonist intended.

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