Jul 31, 2006

To "find international solutions to world problems" [LINK]

It's hard to imagine a more perfect expression of wooly-headed liberalism. To be misguided in so many ways, and in so short a space!

I thought I've read everything, but a new standard has been set.

Janet Fitch Parker says John Bolton's bid for permanent appointment as U.N. ambassador should be rejected because, in his words, he has tried "to work with others to advance our national interests." Instead, Ms. Parker insists he should be trying to "find international solutions to world problems."

It boggles the mind that anyone would so casually assume there's a contradiction between these two statements, that other U.N. ambassadors are not working in their countries' interests, or that we should be appointing officials who are effectively responsible to no one. Who should Mr. Bolton be working for, anyway, Bulgaria?

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