Aug 17, 2006

"Biking in Boston does not have to be as stressful as it is" [LINK]

Then what the heck is this girl doing riding on Memorial Drive? (BTW, this is the perfect example of the Self-Righteous Biker I mentioned a few days ago here.)

I've been an avid bicyclist for many years, so I read with special interest Marika Plater's account of hostile behavior from an automobile driver in town. I'd suggest that while it's instructive for her to recite the law permitting bicycle traffic on Memorial Drive, common sense dictates that most of that road is narrow and winding, and that automobiles regularly drive it at highway speeds. Unless she was riding unusually fast, I'm not surprised that drivers would perceive her as an obstacle.
Then there's the comment: "Please watch out for bicyclists and remember that we are not protected by pounds of steel as you are." Unfortunately, when I encounter problems with other vehicles, it is almost always with other bikers, not with car drivers. Sadly, they often drive as if they are well aware they can do little damage to others through their own carelessness. For example, I remember one Self-Righteous Biker complained that I was riding too fast and cut her off in traffic. I had to explain (at the next light) that I actually gave her plenty of room, that I was getting back into single-file to make room for passing cars, and that she had only been surprised at my speed because she had no rear-view mirror, and had no idea what was going on behind her. Would you drive a car without a rear-view mirror?

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