Aug 2, 2006

Kerry in PMC [LINK]

There was a nice article in the Globe about John Kerry's participation in the Pan Mass Challenge, which I'll also be riding in this weekend. (He'll only be doing the 111-mile leg from Sturbridge on the first day. Wimp.) My brother-in-law, who worked on his campaign, also received one of those fundraising letters mentioned in the article, along with some 3 million other supporters I guess. A colleague who did the PMC last year says he shared the road with Kerry for a little while. I may be a little star-struck if I have the same experience this year, but I'll actually be more impressed if I'm anywhere near Greg LeMond! At any rate, I can totally relate to his statement about being pissed off by cancer more than anything else, but then again I haven't been in the position to be directly scared of it.

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