Sep 22, 2006

"How will I find the way out of this labyrinth?" [LINK]

A translation of a 1999 letter from Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, AKA Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan-born terrorist. Chavez wrote in response to a letter sent by Mr. Sanchez from his French prison cell, where he is serving a life sentence for murder.

Citizen Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Distinguished Compatriot,

Swimming in the depths of your letter of solidarity I could hear the pulse of our shared insight that everything has its due time: time to pile up stones or hurl them, to ignite revolution or to ignore it; to pursue dialectically a unity between our warring classes or to stir the conflict between them—a time when you can fight outright for principles and a time when you must choose the proper fight, lying in wait with a keen sense for the moment of truth, in the same way that Ariadne, invested with these same principles, lays the thread that leads her out of the labyrinth.

Our liberator Simon Bolivar, whose theories and example are fundamental to our doctrine of revolution, whispered briefly this question before he passed away: "How will I find the way out of this labyrinth?" We agree with Bolivar that Time delivers miracles only to those who maintain a righteous spirit, to those who understand the true meaning of things. There is no measure of distance or time that can undermine these thoughts of our Caracan hero.

I feel that my spirit's own strength will always rise to the magnitude of the dangers that threaten it. My doctor has told me that my spirit must nourish itself on danger to preserve my sanity, in the manner that God intended, with this stormy revolution to guide me in my great destiny.

With profound faith in our cause and our mission, now and forever!

Mr. Chavez recently won notoriety by likening President Bush to the devil in a speech before the United Nations.

(via Harper's)

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