Sep 22, 2006

"What many ... must feel when an American walks in the room" [LINK]

From a review by Jerry Saltz in the Village Voice, September 14th, 2006:

Welcome Drink, one of Stuart Hawkins's photographic scenarios of herself (she's female, despite the first name) in Nepal, is such a perfect metaphor for America's current adventures around the world that it should be made into a billboard and displayed outside all of our embassies. This sign would signal that we know we're klutzy, reckless, rude, helpless nitwits who think we're helping the world but actually making almost everyone supremely uncomfortable and irritated, not to mention afraid....

[Hawkins] deserves more attention, if only to make you experience a dark empathetic dose of what many around the world must feel when an American walks in the room—a bit sick.

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