Oct 5, 2006

"Like the records of strange, coercive lab experiments" [LINK]

A brief notice in the October 5 Village Voice details some of the things you might have to do to be a performance artist these days:

Lindman has fabricated metal contraptions that stretch and squash her face into various contortions, recalling A Clockwork Orange's Alex clamped in his re-education chair with eyelids pinned open by thin reeds of steel. The videos of her endurance tests (she remained in each pose for an hour) were cut into short chunks, which she then made partially transparent and layered on top of one another, compressing each ordeal into a one-minute clip. Flared ears pinned down by magnetic bolts and lips pulled open, exposing teeth that recede like a skull's, remain in focus, while the rest of her face and shoulders waver in fleshy, blinking blurs; the segments flow by like the records of strange, coercive lab experiments. Adults warn kids not to make ugly faces or they might freeze that way; Lindman viscerally connects human expression -- that alchemy of thought, emotion, and desire -- to the pieces of meat that give it form.

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