Oct 11, 2006

Society's Rear-View Mirror [LINK]

From a short theater review by Alexis Soloski in the Village Voice, October 10, 2006:

This two-character play imagining a conversation between Henry Kissinger and Richard M. Nixon on the eve of Nixon's resignation, originally debuted in 1996. It must have echoed investigations into Clintonian improprieties. The current revival, which reunites director Jim Simpson with actors Gerry Bamman and Steve Mellor, resonates with a lack of confidence in the current presidency and calls for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.... In one scene, Nixon imitates Brezhnev; in another he demands that the reluctant Kissinger play the role of Mao -- in Chinese. They also consider concocting one last international crisis that Nixon could solve and thus exit a hero.

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