Nov 23, 2006

Free Speech is Dangerous [LINK]

Well, this letter aroused me from the tryptophan stupor. My response:

Writing on behalf of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, Donald Gorton says "a principal reason why the anti-marriage amendment is inappropriate for a popular vote" is that by merely discussing the idea, homophobes may be emboldened to attack gays. This is utter hogwash. We do not let thugs, or fear of thugs, run our democracy. It would have been equally valid to stifle debate over the Voting Rights Act during the 1960s over fear of how white racists might react. The amendment may succeed or fail on its merits, but don't listen to anyone who says we should be afraid to discuss it.

UPDATE: It made it, in the customary slightly altered form. I'm particularly amused by the rather vague term "marriage equality," which only uses words with positive connotations, much like "pro-choice."

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