Nov 1, 2006

"I apologize to no one for my criticism of the president and of his broken policy" [LINK]

At this point, he's insulting everyone's intelligence. My latest letter to the Globe:

I believe Senator Kerry when he says he botched a joke that was intended to disparage the intelligence of President Bush rather than our troops in Iraq. Still, I'm fascinated at his belligerant refusal to apologize for that remark. Kerry now argues that prominent Republicans are distorting his statement, apparently by ignoring what he meant to say, instead relying on what he actually did say. Kerry also accuses the White House of using the controversy to change the subject away from the administration's Iraq policy, which itself is a tactic to shift attention from his indefensible remark. Is this the sort of silliness we can expect from a president who claims to be more intelligent than Bush?
As for the last sentence, I believe the only reasonable interpretation of his refusal to back down is to demonstrate his toughness to skeptical Democrats as part of a 2008 presidential run.
11/02 UPDATE: Now he gets it.
11/02 UPDATE: Wait a minute, no he doesn't! What's this "my words were misinterpreted" business? I assume that, unlike the original "joke," Kerry had to focus his mind closely on the task of crafting a suitable apology. Can I then take his failure to understand the difference between a misinterpretation and a misstatement as an example of his intellectual capacity?

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