Jan 4, 2007

"University mascots offend" [LINK]

This is one of those letters you read, and you're not sure if it's supposed to be a joke:

RE THE ARTICLE " Criticism of team's name heats up Dartmouth game" (City & Region, Dec. 29): Where is the outrage from the Irish American community regarding Notre Dame's mascot of the Fighting Irish?

The pugnacious caricature of a leprechaun is a misrepresentation of a nation that has remained neutral during all major world conflicts. The Republic of Ireland's reputation for sponsoring peacekeeping missions is diminished by Notre Dame's hostile imagery.

The Irish community should join Native Americans offended by the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux in opposing any and all such symbols.


Anonymous said...

You idiot. Check your facts. It was Irish Catholic priests that founded Notre Dame. They are the ones that approved the nickname of the Fighting Irish. And how did they obtain the land? It was taken from Native Americans when they were forced out "west of the Mississippi" river by the US government.

LetMeSpellItOutForYou said...

Try reading the post a bit more carefully before leaving such an unnecessarily abusive comment.