Mar 1, 2007

Outsider Art #247 [LINK]

From Mara Altman's Village Voice profile of Mark Kirschenbaum, who produces erotic origami when not working his day job as an IT consultant:

His designs are complex: Each figure requires more than 100 steps, and each is made with only one sheet of paper. The blowjob piece, which he calls "Lips Together, Teeth Apart," is multicolored -- the lips red, the penis beige -- and is constructed using paper with a different hue on each side. The model with a couple in the 69 position, called "Each One, Eat One," is made from one large gray sheet of paper. He envisions each model for more than a month before working the design out on paper. From the design to the actual paper figurine, at least another month is necessary....

While he's had trouble getting the world to view his pornigami as serious art, commercially, Kirschenbaum has had more luck. In 2001, Playboy commissioned him to make a vagina out of a dollar bill, and just this January, Maxim commissioned copulating bunnies, each made out of a hundred-dollar bill. Like a makeup artist, he was on standby as they shot the scene. He had just a single touch-up; one of the bunny's ears had come slightly undone.

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