Mar 3, 2007

Women and Minorities Hit Hardest [LINK]

Hard to think someone actually took the time to write this letter to the Globe:

I write to comment on proposed postal rate increases and the "forever" stamp that would remain valid regardless of the increases. Justification for the rate increases and the "forever" stamp, such as increased fuel costs, do not disguise that these changes would benefit the wealthy and businesses at the expense of average and low-income postal customers.

It seems that postal fuel cost increases are largely due to bulk mail, which weighs more and costs more to transport per unit than first-class mail. Yet it costs less to send bulk mail.

People at or below average income are far less likely to stockpile "forever" stamps than are businesses and wealthier individuals. Those least able to afford postal rate increases will then eventually subsidize the cost of honoring outstanding "forever" stamps when rates go up again....

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