Apr 10, 2007

Ah, Nostalgia! [LINK]

A notice on a New York galley showing by R.C. Baker of the VIllage Voice:

In 1972, Allan Sekula decided to interrupt the "capitalist circulation of luxury goods through robbery and waste," so he shoplifted pricey cuts of meat and tossed them under the wheels of big rigs thundering down the highway. The black-and-white photos documenting Meat Mass -- long-haired artist skulking out of a Safeway; a gelatinous smudge on the freeway pavement -- capture the spirit of this large group show, culled from the Generali Foundation's seminal collection of conceptual art. In 1969, Valie Export pulled her crawling male collaborator on a leash through a crowded Vienna shopping district; photos of this street-theater gender-bender show passersby both appalled and amused. A 1993 series of videos based on commercials made for the Humanic shoe-store chain between 1969 and 1983 looks like early MTV by way of the Playboy Club: garish clothes, robotic figures, close-ups of pouty lips, and a dreamlike clip of a helmeted man in a food-encrusted suit being engulfed by pigeons. These documentary works, plus sculptures and drawings, use powerful visual hooks to lure us down the psyche's strange alleyways. Don't get run over.

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