Apr 11, 2007

More Support for Equal Marriage [LINK]

My latest spurious and philosophically inept proposal for Deval Patrick's site:

As a religious believer, I worry that even if gay marriage remains the law of the land, the bigots in our midst will undermine it and relegate it to second-class status. Since marriage is an inherent social good, it is in society's best interest to encourage committed couples to tie the knot rather than living in sin. But the rate of marriage among gays and lesbians is troublingly low -- a small percentage compared to eligible heterosexuals -- raising the concern such marriages would become marginalized and remain on the periphery of society's conscience. Surely this may be due to a latent fear of getting married only to have one's civil rights later cruelly revoked. Or it may be that for heterosexuals, marriage is more closely associated with childbearing and women's "biological clock." Maybe if they didn't have all these children, they wouldn't be so quick to get married! Or, maybe for gays the sex really is that good.

But the fact remains that for the Commonwealth's GLBTQQ residents, marriage remains an uneven playing field despite its newfound legal status, and they remain disenfranchised. To remedy this situation and allow all our citizens the full benefits of true lasting equality, the Commonwealth should take special measures to encourage gay marriage, preferably with tax credits. The approximately $2,000 straight married couples get as a windfall from the federal government for having children is certainly a start, but it doesn't take into account the special hurdles gays especially often have to jump over to have children. It can cost a lot of money to adopt a healthy baby! (As opposed to one of those troubled older kids you get from DSS.) Since society has a duty to uphold equality and to compensate for its long legacy of discrimination, it should do more to encourage gay marriage.

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