Apr 4, 2007

No More Empty Declarations [LINK]

My latest proposal submitted to Gov. Patrick's website:

In the interest of positive change and efficient government, I would like to propose an immediate moratorium on any kind of commemoration or declaration that doesn't result in an actual policy change other than sending someone a plaque or serving as a photo opportunity. These declarations are so often a frivolous waste of precious legislative time. To take a recent example, the Cambridge City Council declared May 1 as "Global Love Day" at the behest of a non-profit organization seeking to spread "Love and Peace on our Planet."

I'm sure Gov. Patrick would respond positively to banning such nonsense at the state level. That must have been what he had in mind when he recently refused to commemorate Ronald Reagan's birthday. (After all, what other reason could he have to snub the man who whipped inflation, grew the economy by a third, got large numbers of women into the work force, and defeated the Godless communists?) If the practice is to continue, I have an alternate proposal. I would like the Commonwealth to officially recognize Miss Massachussetts 2007, Despina Delios, as a Greek Goddess. Thank you.

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