Apr 11, 2007

Western Medicine Offers a Handy Scapegoat [LINK]

Here's my latest letter to the Globe. Harris's own letter was in response to this earlier op-ed.

Having recently watched my brother-in-law die of cancer, I too found Dr. Darshak Sanghavi's op-ed on Elizabeth Edwards' struggle with the disease bracing and unwelcome. But what stuck in my craw was criticism by Barry Harris, who said that Dr. Sanghavi's fatalism exemplifies how "Western medicine disempowers cancer patients."

No, what disempowers cancer patients is cancer itself. In particular, patients who are put into the position of entertaining the idea of "miracle healing" Mr. Harris offers as an alternative are no longer in meaningful control of their lives.

This summer thousands of bicyclists like myself will participate in the Pan Mass Challenge to support to the utmost Western medicine's response to this dreadful set of diseases, and I invite others to do so in any way they can.

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