Aug 20, 2007

Rove Derangement Syndrome [LINK]

My latest letter to the Globe, mostly concerning these letters and more recently one of these:

Following Karl Rove's accouncement that he would resign, various letter writers compared him to a snake oil salesman, to tyrants who rig elections and eliminate opposition by any means, to Barry Bonds in the illegitimacy of his political victories, and most recently to a feral tomcat "who sprayed his nastiness everywhere to claim dominance." One voiced suspicion of Rove's motives for leaving, expecting him to be part of some future scheme "to bring us down even lower."

The more I encounter such unhinged rhetoric, the less I credit the conventional wisdom that it was Rove who was responsible for sharply dividing Americans into red and blue states. I think these people had more to do with it than they're willing to admit.

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