May 30, 2008

Dumbest Web Statistic Ever Produced? [LINK]

A company named C02Stats offers a free embeddable widget allowing you to display your site's monthly carbon footprint, and the inroads into your virtue that represents. As shown in the sidebar, mine hovers around 1/50th of an ounce, and I don't know how favorably that compares with exhaling. Maybe if I say something provocative about some jive-ass nonsense I can up that number a bit.

Really, this figure utterly ignores the environmental benefits these sites offer. I assume Wikipedia's footprint is large relative to other sites, but that site allows us to manufacture, store and ship fewer gigantic paper encyclopedias. Or compare Amazon with Apple's iTunes Music Store. Each sells music, but only one relies on large inventories of CDs and plenty of paper cartons driven around in delivery trucks. Okay, so maybe they use cellulose packing peanuts, but still...

Really, how much carbon is produced in generating these nonsense statistics? I'd come up with more reasons it's a pointless exercise, but I'd be wasting electricity.

Thanks for the link, Dr. Sanity, and for increasing my carbon assprint.

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