May 13, 2008

Encouraging Safe Driving [LINK]

Here's my latest idea that I posted to Governor Deval Patrick's website:

I have been thinking deeply about those "How Am I Driving?" bumper stickers that you see on many commercial vehicles. They must be effective in encouraging safe driving, or else the trucks' owners wouldn't put them there, would they? I call those numbers all the time, especially when I see courteous driving that deserves a compliment. Anyway, why not extend that idea and require all Massachusetts drivers to have a "How Am I Driving?" bumper sticker? People would call a single number and supply either the vehicle's license plate number or else a unique code that displays on the bumper sticker, then leave a message. The service would send a transcription to the mailing address associated with the vehicle. To tone down heated comments and weed out abusive ones, the system could rely on human transcribers the way SpinVox does for LiveJournal voice posts. Anything that encourages safety is a good idea, the way I look at it.


Whatley said...

Fantastic idea!

Might see if I can get some our more senior guys in the office to try it out...

Ok to link back to you later in the week when I do my roundup?

Let me know :)


James Whatley

LetMeSpellItOutForYou said...

The thing to do is encourage anyone who lives in Massachusetts to register at the Governor's grass-roots, town-hall-style site, and vote in favor of the idea to increase its visibility. Maybe one day we get it enacted into law! Thanks!