May 24, 2008

Police Log Items From Concord's Past [LINK]

The bizarre police log items noted in my prior post prompted me to write a letter to the Concord Journal:

The latest police log featured some truly amazing items: A man peering inside a house from a pizza delivery car, a woman rolling down her car window as if to menace a pedestrian "two Thursdays ago" but doing nothing else, a woman whose 22-year-old college graduate son no longer listens to or obeys her. It made me feel sorry for the town's police officers, and for those residents who are so easily rattled. It also got me to wonder what other past events might have been logged:

April 19, 1775: Multiple reports after midnight of a man riding his horse aggressively along the Lexington Turnpike, disturbing residents, and loudly shouting about "redcoats." Police responded to the scene but were unable to locate the man or any coats.

April 19, 1775: Reports of early morning commotion, a large crowd, and possible gunfire near the North Bridge, where teenagers are often seen consuming hard cider along the riverbank. Police responded to the scene, but the group had moved on.

September 19, 1845: Homeless man reported in forest adjacent to Walden Pond. Police located and questioned the man, who offered a lengthy explanation of his situation. Police eventually determined he had obtained permission from the property's owner, Mr. Emerson of Concord, to inhabit small structure. Officer advised the man of town ordinance prohibiting open fires.

June 20, 1852: Woman reported neighbor and party of guests engaging in transcendental activities. Officer responding to scene advised woman that idealist spiritual philosophy based on individual intuition is not against the law, but nevertheless asked neighbor to tone it down somewhat.

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