Jun 18, 2008

Selling Yourself Short [LINK]

I decided this letter to the Globe was just a bit too rude, and so didn't send it. I suspect that some form of mental illness is behind the impulse to join such racial-sensitivity groups, but am in no position to say in this case.

Sandy Thompson's letter praising a recent article about whites who form antiracism groups as a way to acknowledge "the advantages that have accrued to some of us simply because of our skin color" leads me to question such efforts. Does she seriously believe that any success she has in life is simply due to her skin color, and that she brings nothing else to the table for which she must feel no guilt? What a terrible thing to say about yourself. I get the strong sense that people who share that belief deserve each other's company.
Consider an accompanying letter by someone named Malka Jampol. Why should whites feel entitled to flagellate themselves without having people of color around to harange them? It also refers clumsily to "organizations of people of color," followed by the absurd truncation "organizations of color." That offense should itself prompt a sensitivity meeting for all those who care about the English language.

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