Sep 18, 2008

Two Stories on Two Vice Presidential Candidates [LINK]

A letter I just sent to WBUR, my local NPR station:

I was greatly irritiated after hearing two separate reports on Morning Edition purporting to evaluate both vice presidential candidates.

The report on Biden was uncritical, much of it filled with extended clips from his stump speeches, heaping ridicule on McCain, especially his recent misstep in characterising the economy as "sound." The main conclusion: Biden's Catholicism and strong union support means Obama may do well in Ohio, vital to the election.

In the subsequent report on Palin, however, the candidate herself was completely absent, despite her vigorous campaigning. Instead, we were treated to interviews of several stay-at-home mothers to judge her potential appeal among women. Of those interviewed, one woman said Palin's selection was making her lean Republican. The rest said that Palin "scares me," or that they "question her judgement" in running for high office because "she has responsibilities" to her children. Another group of university women said they "worry" about her qualifications. Even among those Clinton supporters who complained about signs of sexism directed at Palin, "none were so sympathetic" as to consider voting Republican.

Is the problem with such differing coverage obvious only to me?

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