Oct 20, 2008

Shocked and Saddened [LINK]

My spurious response to an NPR story I heard on the way home:

I was shocked upon hearing your story about the Florida church congregation that decided to burn a bunch of X-rated film reels they discovered on a newly-acquired property. They characterized it as a ritual consecration, turning what was unholy into holy. Well, go and sin no more, I say! Did they ever stop to think of all the nasty chemicals they were releasing into the atmosphere, by burning plastic film reels? I was especially saddened to hear that the local fire department was on hand for the event, since they should be especially well trained on issues relating to the disposal of hazardous materials. There should be a special agency that is totally focused on preserving the environment, and whose permission would be required for any event that might have any adverse environmental impacts.
Note the new "hoax" tag.

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