Jan 7, 2009

Nonsense about Hurricanes [LINK]

A note I just sent to FightGlobalWarming.com:

Your "tick" ad is nothing short of shameful, and to enlist children in dissemination of such propaganda is even worse. There is zero empirical evidence, and only the most speculative theoretical underpinning, for the notion that global warming -- from whatever cause -- might lead to increased severity or frequency of hurricanes. Read the latest IPCC report. If anything, warming should lead to decreased temperature differentials between tropical and polar regions, and thus less severe weather patterns overall.

My sincere belief is this: one day our ancestors will look back and consider our response to global warming. They will conclude that, based on the information available at the time, there were definitely some plausible elements of concern. Still, they will assign the word "hysteria" to this period in all their textbooks. They will look back at us the same way we look back at the McCarthy era.

...to which I'll add that college freshmen will roll their eyes at the thought of having to explain the various ways we displayed our ignorance.

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