Mar 31, 2009

We'll be eating very safe junk food [LINK]

A letter I sent to my Rep:

I urge you to oppose HR 875, or any similar legislation that imposes additional regulatory burdens on local food providers. The level of food safety in the USA is unmatched, and there is little reason to believe this legislation will improve the quality of our diet. Instead, it will lead to increased centralization overall. The job of regulation will migrate away from states and towards the federal government, whose responsiveness to the lobbying of agricultural giants is well known. Smaller independent food providers will have more difficulty absorbing the resulting regulatory costs than these large conglomerates. Farm stands (such as Verrill's & Mrs. Marabello's) will have to maintain an on-site "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point" plan, or else be fined up to $1 million. The law's requirements will be especially devastating to purveyors of locally grown, organic, and artisinal food products. In particular, anything that raises the cost of locally grown produce relative to supermarket food will, on balance, decrease the quality of our diet. We'll be eating very safe junk food.

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