May 22, 2009

Two, Two, Two Enthusiasms in One [LINK]

In honor of Earth Day, a series of "Eco-Sex" recommendations from Marie Claire, April 2009:

  • Love Yourself, Love Your Planet. Take landfill-clogging batteries out of the equation with Sola, a small bullet-shaped vibrator powered by the sun. ($69.95;

  • Conflict-Free Rubbers. When you buy your condoms from the French Letter Condom Company, a chunk of the proceeds go towards ensuring that the rubber-plantation workers receive fair wages. (approximately $13,

  • S&M with a Conscience. Earth Erotics’ Standard Recycled Rubber Whip is a handcrafted spanker made from recycled car and truck tire parts. ($40;

  • Give Some, Get Some. Trade in your broken Rabbit and wornout handcuffs for a $10 coupon and free shipping on your next sex toy through the mail-in Sex Toy Recycling Program ( Sorry, curbside pickup not available.

(via the American Spectator)

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