Oct 25, 2009

Because People Are Starving in Africa, Don't Finish Your Peas [LINK]

Jennifer Aniston explains her regimen:

"I take a three-minute shower," she told Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen, authors of The Green Book. She even brushes her teeth while she's in there. "Every two minutes in the shower uses as much water as a person in Africa uses for everything in their life for a whole day!"

(via Althouse)

Oct 17, 2009

NPR Whitewashes ACORN Scandals [LINK]

My letter to NPR:

I am perfectly willing to believe that ACORN does some good work that is deserving of open praise, but Pam Fessler's sympathetic report on the organization strained my patience to the limit. It referred obliquely to "videos" made by two undercover conservative activists, and an account of the pair being turned away at one office, without mentioning their success at getting much the same set of damning footage at no fewer than five different offices, certainly no fluke. It refers politely to the "sketchy advice" the pair was able to solicit from ACORN workers, but did nothing to outline the wide range of criminal activities ACORN workers revealed themselves willing to facilitate. I give credit to Fessler in noting ACORN's embezzlement scandal, but it would have added some perspective to note its new $5 million price tag, up from $1 million. Listeners would have also benefitted from more details on the range of ongoing allegations of voter registration fraud and illegal use of federal funds for explicit political activity. Some of the time Fessler might have used to present such useful contextual information was taken up instead by a tape of one staff member openly weeping at the thought ACORN was being attacked, as if for no reason. Please, don't insult my intelligence.
Consider if several congressmen were caught in a similar undercover sting. Would NPR produce a report reminding us how some congressmen are not corrupt? Please.
UPDATE: About them being roundly turned away at one office, the one in Philadelphia, we've apparently been misinformed.