Sep 13, 2011

Protecting Our President Against Baseless Smears [LINK]

There's a crazy rumor going around that the Obama campaign is gathering names for a Nixon-style "enemies list." Not so. It's a baseless smear that appears to be emanating from the Drudge Report. If you encounter such hateful rhetoric, I urge you to report it at this site.

May 5, 2011

It comes every year [LINK]

From the Concord Journal of Massachusetts, May 5-11, 2011:

Decorated with blue face paint, and clothes covered with blue and silver streamers (and a wetsuit underneath to keep warm -- though later she coddled a cup of coffee as well), Musketaquid co-founder and steering committee member CC King waded in the cool spring waters and spoke from her heart about what residents can do to keep the earth alive.

"What are you willing to do away with to leave a sustainable earth?" she posed, one in a string of questions related to keeping water and air clean for future generations. "...For the children of fox, for the children of these oak trees... for your children's children's children."

With the crowd echoing in round, a chorus broke out in a guttural baritone.

"River take me away, away, to the ocean," they sang.

Dozens down by the river echoed King's lyrics, as twice as many looked on from the Lowell Road Bridge overhead. Many seemed to be in a trance of sorts, in awe and appreciation of the ceremony.

"This is amazing; we're majorly in love with the earth and protecting it," said Virginia Hines, who stood on the bridge with her husband Sheldon.

Apr 8, 2011

Axiom: Continuity of Government Services [LINK]

Axiom: Interruptions in government services caused by effort to reduce spending? Dangerous, potentially catastrophic. But when inspired by effort to preserve collective bargaining rights? Healthy expression of the democratic process.